Social Media May Be Problem, Lifestyle

For many people, social networking may seem to be a problem, but for others it seems to be a lifestyle.

It allows some people to be more confident but it also puts others down.

In my generation social networking seems to have taken over our lives.

As Dimond senior Tia  Lowe said “ It allows our generation to speak up and be more confident with themselves”.

Social networking allows confidence for the younger generation. It gives them the courage to speak up and say something on the internet they couldn’t say in person.

Social networking changes lives for some in a good way and for others in a bad way. There are things people say on the internet behind a computer to others that hurts them inside and changes their view on everything.

It lowers their self esteem and ruins everything for them.

On the other hand, there are some people who without social networks would have nothing. It is everything they live for, and it brings out the good in them, it is what has built up all the confidence they have to face the world and it is what they love in life.

Many simply use social media because of boredom, while others use it for their own personal benefit.

Lowe said, “ Many of us use social media, like twitter to answer our questions because you can get a response in like ten seconds.”

Many teens use social media to know what is happening around the world or in everyone’s lives.

Others think social networks pointless as Anthony Rodriquez, 2010 west graduate said “ People just use social networks because they have nothing better to do with their lives.”

My generations has been using two main social networking sites the most. The first is twitter, which we use to express our thoughts, to chat with friends, to keep up with everyone, or just to simply say anything honestly.

Secondly, we use instagram a lot, for simply posting pictures of our lives to show the world what we do on free time, on a day to day basis, or to show everyone what we are currently interested in.

Life would be drastically different without social media in a good and a bad way. The good reason is that we could all actually talk in person rather than behind a computer and there would be less drama, and less cyberbullying.

The bad reason is that a lot of us would lose communication, not know what is going on around the world, and just simply not know what is going on in our community.

All in all, social media has its pros and cons just like everything else in this world. Some love it, and others hate it, but that does not stop us from anything.

Social media has been around since as long as I can remember and it will most likely be around for the rest of our lives.