College Due Dates Should Be the Same

College applications deadlines should all end on the same day.  My reason behind this is the fact that senior year is by far the most stressful and we can easily lose track of multiple dates.  Many applications have numerous requirements just to be looked over the fact that seniors are busy with work, sports, clubs, out of school activities (church-related events, etc.) and many other things. An end-all, be-all date seems a lot more manageable than three, four, or even five different dates.

Early submissions and early admission can and should still be an option.  Many, if not most, applications require essays to be written about yourself describing who you are as a person.

If a person confuses two dates and winds up not turning in an essay on time, college recommendations, or just forget the miss the whole application, then they don’t even have a chance to be admitted to the school and that could be a person’s dream college.

Dimond counselor Dave Donk brought up the fact that many colleges have open rolling admissions, explaining that a college has open enrollments year round, but this only refers to smaller schools.  Kids with big college dreams need to know a day to feel relieved and know that all their work is done.

All that’s left to do at this point is wait for a reply from the school, with the anticipation of getting that letter that lets you know you got in as well as the paper that tells you what type of scholarship you will receive if you attend this school.

I would rather receive all my papers within the same time frame, so I can evaluate all of them and make my choice in confidence.

If I get one before the other, I feel as if one school may be more interested into me than the other.  Or I may become more interested in one over the other due to the fact I could realistically ponder going to one longer than the other due to the fact of when I got my acceptance letter.

Senior year going into college is nothing like the movies.  In the movies they all have their lives together, but they all already got accepted.  It doesn’t show the stress of applying, paying, applying for scholarships, keeping grades up, athletics and whatever other activities a senior has pack into their schedule.

Colleges need to come together and decide when a good end-all be all date is for applications.  This, in the end, will just help lower the amount of stress piled on a young adult with options.