Dimond Students Have Range of Opinions on School Lunches

There is a lot of controversy at Dimond High School about whether or not the lunches are appetizing as well as nutritious.

Some people love the lunches, some people think the food is just edible, and some people just completely hate the food.

There are a variety of sandwiches, two types of pizza, and fruits and salads to choose from, with a coffee shop where you can buy several different types of drinks  to wash down the food.

Sophomore Anyi Patton said, “I don’t really mind the school lunches. The subway sandwiches are good and they are healthy but I am not a fan of the pizza. My favorite thing to eat is definitely the sandwiches, and I like to get a smoothie from the coffee shop to go with it.”

Sophomore Daphne Manley said, “I actually do like the school lunches. I usually go out to lunch but on the days that I stay in for lunch then I will usually get pizza or noodles from the school store. I don’t think they need new school food, if you don’t like the food then you can just bring your own lunch.”

Sophomore Kaylee Garner said, “I do not like the school lunches. I get tired of having the same thing so often so I have started to bring my own lunch or I will go out for lunch on the days that I don’t bring a lunch.”

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the school lunches because it is nice to be able to buy a sandwich for so cheap, and it still keeps me filled as well as being healthy.

Patton said, “I don’t think they need to get new lunches. The lunches that they have now are healthy and a lot of kids like them. Also, they don’t cost very much money so it is easy for the students to afford them.”

Manley said, “I get coffee from the coffee shop a lot. My friend and I like to share a blended white chocolate mocha almost everyday. The moms that volunteer there do a really good job at keeping everything in order and it is really nice of them to volunteer their time.”

The volunteer moms do a wonderful job at running everything and making drinks for every student and faculty member that comes to them.

Garner said, “We definitely need new school food. It just gets really tiring to have the same food options every single day. I do go to the coffee shop sometimes. If I do go then I will usually get a smoothie or a frappe because I don’t like coffee.”

I go to the coffee shop quite often to get coffee because of how tired I always am and the coffee tastes really good.

To conclude, there are several different opinions on the lunches but the majority of students are very grateful for the opportunity to have good food at such a low price.