Summer Jobs: Have a Job, or Take a Break?

During the nine months of school students are in school for six hours of the day and has with usually three or more hours of homework after school. Usually students do not want to have a job on top of that.


Therefore, when summer hits every student has a choice to make: have a job or have a break from responsibilities?


Deciding whether or not you want a job for the summer is a difficult decision for high schoolers to make sometimes. You have to choose between making money or getting a break from school and homework.


Michaela Valencia said, “I want to get a job this summer because I want to have the money to do what I want. I will probably just work part time, though, because I still want to be able to have fun during the break from school.”


The decision is hard to make considering the options there are. Making money would be hard, but worth it and not having the job would allow more time for fun.


Dylan Montagna said, “I have not decided if I am gonna have a job yet, but I feel like I would not want a full time one if I ended up getting one.”


Most students look forward to the exciting summer activities and being able to relax and do nothing. Since we live in Alaska we have a lot more to do during the summer and usually people go fishing, camping, hiking, etc. Having a job would probably make it harder to do those things.


Most families have plans for vacations, going to their cabin, or camping for weeks at a time. So if students want to go with their family and go on the trips they would have to get time off. It depends on the job, but usually it is hard to get a long period of time off especially if you just started.


Gunner Morgan said, “I like to go fishing during the summer and hang out with the boys. If I had a job I probably would not be able to go camping and fishing  as much as I usually do. I wanna make money, but I would rather fish and have fun.”


Students usually prefer to have a job over the summer instead of during the school year because of all the homework we get and some students also have sports or after school activities. Usually if you had the job over the summer you would have enough money to probably last most of the school year.


Sydney Tomuro said, “I want to get a job, but I also want to be able to have fun over the summer and I feel like a job would interfere with that. I would just have a job over the school year, but I have hockey and soccer so I would not be able to balance it.”

The students have to pick between having a job and making money or just having fun and enjoying the summer.