Students Voice Opinions About Parking Permits, Tickets

Are parking permits really worth it? Parking permits have been causing a lot of controversy lately. Not only parking permits but parking tickets too.

At Dimond High School, students have to pay to park. It costs $120 for a full year and $60 for half a year. If students don’t have a parking permit and parks in the parking lot, you have to pay a fee of $25.

Is this a fair price? Let’s find out what people had to say.

Allison Shafer, a junior at Dimond High School, is opposed to parking permits. “It’s dumb. Why should we have to pay to park when  school is mandatory?” Shafer said.

She also came up with the idea that people that don’t pay for parking should have to park far away, and people that pay for permits should get to park closer.

Student Services is the office in charge of parking permits. Christian Calderara, assistant principal for student services. Student services is a group  that’s in charge of discipline at Dimond, including dress code, as well as building issues.

“Parking permits are very reasonable.” Calderara said.

When asked about the price, Calderera said, “It’s $120 dollars a year. There’s only 178 days of school, so that’s less than a dollar a day. I think it’s very reasonable.”

When asked why students have to pay for parking permits, Mr. Calderera said, “We don’t really have a say in it. The district makes the guidelines, we just enforce it. We also need money to pay to clean the parking lot and plow it.”

Like most students at Dimond High School, Junior Tanner Rath is also against parking permits.

Rath said, “I don’t pay” when asked about the parking permit controversy.

“I think if we to pay $25 for half the year and $50 for a full year there would be more cooperation,” Rath said.

He also said, “I think parking tickets should be $5”

After asking if he knew where the money for parking permits went Rath said, “No, but I think it should be for a big party at the end of the school year.”

Kathleen Navarre, a Math teacher at Dimond, had a more neutral opinion about parking permits. She believes that parking tickets are only reasonable if, “the money for parking permits supports the cost of monitoring the cameras in the parking lot.”

Navarre also said, “I think senior year is already very expensive and it’s not fair for them to have to add $120 for parking permits. Seniors should not have to pay it or they should get a discount on parking permits.”

When asked about parking tickets, Navarre said, “Parking tickets are necessary. If the fee for permits were less, $25 would be a good price.”