Academic Awards Time Debated

The Academic Awards are held for students who have received a GPA of 3.5 or higher for two consecutive semesters.

After they receive an Academic Letter, students are rewarded either a Silver Star or Gold Star Award depending on their GPA for one semester.

Since Freshman year, I have received an Academic Letter and several Silver and Gold Star Awards.

Every year since I can remember, the ceremonies have been held during 5th hour.

This past Academic Award ceremony was held on a Monday morning before school started.

Personally, I did not want to go because I have no first hour so it would have been pointless to come at 7:30 in the morning when my first class does not start until 9 a.m. on Mondays.

Additionally, I have other responsibilities to take care of before school starts.

The morning time is also inconvenient for parents who work early or have younger kids in middle or elementary school that have to be dropped off around the same time.

This past ceremony, my mom was not in town. However, if she was here, I know she would not have been able to make it anyways because of my younger brothers.

When the awards were held during 5th hour it was unfortunate for teachers because they missed out on a whole period of teaching and they did not get the chance to see their kids be awarded.

I think the awards should be held at a much later time because it is unfair that students either don’t get to sleep in for their late start Monday or miss class to receive an award.

Senior Lizzy Randall said, “I didn’t go to the last Academic Awards because it was on late start Monday and I use that time to get homework done. I think we got better student participation when it was during 5th hour, but if we want more parent participation I think it would be better after school.”

Why should students that are being awarded for their academic achievements have to miss class or come early to receive their award?

I think it would make the most sense to have the Academic Awards after school like any other event.

Sophomore Nora Rodvik said, “Although I’m not opposed to the ceremony being before school or during 5th period, personally I think the best alternative is an after school ceremony. That way we don’t have to wake up any earlier on a Monday or miss a class period.”

Many seniors shared the same thoughts and opinions of the Academic Awards as I did.

Senior Anjoilyn Vreeland said, “I liked it better when it was in the afternoon than when it was in the morning. I didn’t even bother to go to this last one because it was so early and I have late start.”

Last year, Cora Berbig was the Vice-President of National Honors Society. This year as a Senior, Berbig is the President of NHS and had the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies.

Berbig said, “I like when the Academic Awards are during 5th hour because it gives me a chance to go over stuff during lunch and prepare myself. It’s more convenient that way than in the morning. I felt like this pastime did not work out very well just because it was so early and a lot of people are not willing to come before school.”

Hopefully in the future, the Academic Award ceremonies will be at a time that is convenient for everyone. Perhaps it can be moved after school to get a higher attendance from the students, parents, and teachers.