Is Perfect Attendance Program Effective?

In the Anchorage School District, Juniors and Seniors who have completed an entire school year with perfect attendance will be put into a contest to win a brand new Jeep.

Is this, however, truly motivating students to come to school every day?

There is much speculation about the issue.

Many students believe that some will have an unfair advantage, due to events that may come up in the year, which will require them to be absent on a school day.

Dimond Junior Maddie Powelson claims that winning a free Jeep by getting perfect attendance is simply “bribery, and it really does not motivate students to come to school every day.

“I feel that it is kind of an unrealistic goal to convince a student to have perfect attendance, as many kids can break their legs, or get sick on occasions. I do not believe that it inspires students to come to school, nor should it be a thing in all honesty,” Powelson said.

Other students would agree with Powelson.

Dimond Senior Haley Carney argues that perfect attendance is an “unrealistic goal that forces kids to come to school, even on occasions when they are genuinely sick.

“It kind of seems stupid that the school district is trying to force kids to come to school every single day, and bribing them with a free car is just morally wrong,” Carney said. “Things happen, and it is not realistic for someone to go to work their entire lives and not missing a day; things come up!”

Carney believes that the Anchorage School District should bring an end to pushing perfect attendance.

While some students believe that perfect attendance is not effective, others beg to differ.

“I think that perfect attendance will convince high schoolers to get out and go to

school, and will help them realize that it is critical to go to school every day,” said Breanna Stevens, a Senior at Service High School.

“When people go to school more, they miss less material, and their grades get better, and even if it is a slim chance to win a car at the end of the year, kids are more attentive, and grades get better. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Many students are divided over the issue of perfect attendance. As for me, a student who has had perfect attendance both my Junior, and Senior years of high school, I believe that perfect attendance is effective.

With perfect attendance, I managed to get a 4.0 both semesters in my Junior year of high school, and when compared to previous years, my grades were nowhere near this margin. School has become easier since I have been coming every day, and overall, I do encourage students to get perfect attendance.

Although many students are divided over the issue on perfect attendance, I do believe that it is an effective way to improve a student’s overall performance; however, I do believe that bribing students with a Jeep is not a good incentive for students to come to school every day.

The only question now is, how can the Anchorage School District motivate students to come to school, without bribing them?