New Rules for NHL Generate Opinions

The National Hockey League (NHL) has incorporated new rules for the 2015/2016 NHL season.

The rules include 3 on 3 overtime instead of 4 on 4 and a coaches challenge.

3 on 3 was introduced to try and generate more offense and to try and make the overtime period more intense and fun to watch.

The coaches challenge was introduced to allow the coaches to reverse a call if they feel it was not the right call.

If the challenge is successful, then the call is reversed.

If not, the team loses their timeout.

In my opinion, 3 on 3 overtime was a fantastic decision.

I think that the new addition makes the game more intense and fun to watch.

The 3 on 3 format seems to be a great addition in the NHL’s eyes.

They loved it so much, they even changed the Allstar game to a 3 on 3 tournament.

Dimond junior Sean Gardeline said, “I think the 3 on 3 overtime format is a fantastic decision by the NHL.

“The games are a lot more intense, the game is faster and decisions are made quicker.

“The more skilled players are coming alive in the new format because they can generate more offense. They have more ice to move in.”

In my opinion, the coaches challenge is a good and a bad thing.

Coaches are allowed to challenge a call but it seems to be extremely excessive. Every time a call is iffy, the coaches challenge it, and for some reason, it’s always reversed.

I don’t like that because it changed the outcome in the game and it happens way too much.

It seems like in every single game, there is a coaches challenge and a call is reversed.

Gardeline said, “the coaches challenge is a pain in my opinion, but it seems to be a part of the game that needs to stay.

“There are way too many coaches challenges a game, except they have good and bad outcomes.

“Before the coaches challenges were introduced, there was simple small things, like offsides, that the linesman misses and the other team scores on the rush.

“That is against the rules, therefore, it is not a goal. But the way it is being called now when the goalie even looks like he has been touched, then the coaches challenge it, and the goal is reversed.

“That is the frustrating part, is that a little body contact with the goalie is a part of the game, and the goal is called off and sometimes that goal is the difference between games and it is the difference in momentum.”

There are some that think that the coaches challenge are good because it allows the coach to have an impact in the game.

In my opinion, the coaches challenge can be good at times, but I think that it is over used.

Others think that 3 on 3 overtime isn’t a good thing because they like seeing shootouts and with more offense in overtime, there are more goals meaning less shootouts.