World Peace May Not Be Possible

In 1945, the United States had its first successful nuclear test. Since then, over 9 countries have been recognized to have jumped on board the nuclear weapon train with Russia housing the most nuclear weapons known in the world.

Although some countries aren’t making threats with these weapons, other countries like North Korea, are talking very big with their nuclear weapons. So at one time or another, there is always some sort of drama that has to do with nuclear weapons, WWIII, terrorism, etc.

Even with of all these issues being common threats to the U.S., optimistic people still have hope for people to all join together to have peace among countries and nations.

Skeptics on the other hand, like me, have a hard time thinking that there will ever be peace between countries and nations.

Bottom line is that I don’t think world peace will ever be a possibility for us.

Sure I may be a cynic, but I just don’t see a future where all countries will be perfectly fine with each other.

Although the difference between right and wrong is opinion also, there will most likely always be, what the majority of people think are bad people, in the world.

Some people, like sophomore Carlie Stewart, think the opposite and still have hope for a world without violence and disagreement.

I asked Stewart what she thought about world peace, and she said, “I don’t think world peace can be achieved while I live, but I think if I do good in the world in my lifetime, it will pass on to others that will lead to the world being a better and more peaceful place eventually.”

I asked the same question to sophomore Arnel Javier. He said, “Man if we all bond together as one, we can make world peace possible quicker than you think, we just all need similar mindsets.”

For me, although it may be an unpopular opinion, I just think there is so many people in this world with different opinions that it is always almost guaranteed to be fighting over opinions, and with that in mind, I can’t see a world without violent disagreement at times.

One of my points about world peace never happening, is this story itself.

I don’t agree with Javier or Stewart, and although the disagreement on opinions isn’t a violent or life changing one, it shows that people will always think differently with each other, it’s just how we are as people, or if you’re a hipster.

I don’t know the future, and I don’t know anybody that does, so for now I don’t think anybody can perfectly predict it, so I will never be completely sure about my thoughts on world peace.

With a cynical, yet open mind, I’m never quite sure of anything. So who knows if we will all come together one day and end all of our disagreements and violence, or if one day, World War III breaks out, with nuclear warheads raining upon america and other countries with millions of deaths.

Even though nuclear war is statistically more likely, some can still have hope for a brighter future, although I may not be one of those people.