New Year’s Resolutions Are Valid Practice

As we enter the new year of 2017, people of all ages can be seen making New Year’s resolutions.

Although the hype around the New Year is often overrated, and the only major thing that is actually different is the date people put at the top of their papers, it does provide an excuse for people to make fundamental changes in their lives.

Many people say resolutions are pointless. If someone cannot take the initiative to make changes at any point during the year, what difference does waiting until the new year make.

However, even the idea of a blank canvas helps people find the motivation to make fundamental changes in their lives.

Before this year, I had never felt the need to make a list of resolutions. I was either too lazy, or I did not think there was anything I needed to change.

However, this year I sat down with a pen and paper, and made a list of resolutions and goals.

It made me feel productive, after a week of being lazy during winter break.

These included eating healthier, taking the SATs, reading for fun more often and more.

Knowing myself, I expect to lose this list within a month. Still, writing everything down made me feel organized, motivated and like I had my life moving in a positive direction.

Even though the idea of resolutions are somewhat arbitrary, they are a valid practice because they provide motivation for people to make positive changes in their lives that otherwise would not happen.

Some people may point out that people hardly ever stick to their resolutions, but adopting a better lifestyle temporarily is better than not adopting it at all.

If someone’s resolution is to work out and eat healthier, and they only stick to it for two months, it is better than if they did not change anything at all.

Also, it is not uncommon for people to actually follow through with their goals and resolutions.

Youtube personality Gabbie Hanna made a video explaining how she always makes a list of goals every year, and how she had accomplished all of her goals that she had written for 2016.

In it she said, “It makes me feel all kinds of tingles when I meet my goals.”

When people do follow through with their goals and resolutions, it provides a sense of accomplishment.

Myah Precie, a junior at Dimond, said, “The idea of having goals to be set throughout the year is a good concept and being able to accomplish those goals feels really good when the year ends”

The idea of New Year’s resolutions is an important idea, even if it does seem arbitrary.

It sets boundaries for a period of time that people have to accomplish things, and it makes people feel motivated and organized.

Of course the idea that someone has to wait until a new year to make these fundamental changes is ridiculous.

Not everybody agrees with this concept of resolutions.

Kenzie Lindemann, a Dimond junior, said, “A new year doesn’t mean a new you, and every day could be a new year so like why force yourself to go to the gym when sleeping home is better?”

Still, the practice of writing goals and resolutions for the New Year is an important one because it gives people the opportunity to improve.

Despite its flaws, it is important that this practice of writing New Year’s resolutions continues to remain an American tradition.