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Wall of Hope Focuses on the Positive

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People are taking a vow to help Alaska lower its suicide rate. Dimond High School has taken part in this vow and is building the Wall of Hope to try to help  better the next generation.

The Wall of Hope was created to show positive things in a person’s life. It also highlights why living is important to them.

This project is district wide which means other schools will also be participating. Dimond students in the mentor program went around during Alaska Suicide Prevention Week and handed out paper diamonds.

Every student wrote down one thing they are hopeful for. What students put down varied, from going to college to passing an exam. The wall of hope is going up in the commons above the elevators.

Dimond psychologist Julie Trim said, “ I think the Wall of Hope can be a helpful tool for our school and the members of the Dimond community in feeling united in trying to work towards everyone feeling connected here at Dimond, as well as that it is a great activity to help people think about what gives them hope and positive thoughts about themselves, their lives and the future.

“We want everyone to feel like they matter and their lives matter, and hopefully the Wall of Hope is something helpful in that aspect,” Trim said.

Nowadays, being a teenager can be quite difficult. We are dealing with pressures of school, bullying, society and social interactions.

Bullying has become a big problem,and with bullying comes depression. When someone is depressed, they can often feel alone.

This alone feeling they are experiencing can make them lose their hope. Hope can be a powerful thing. It gives you a purpose and a more positive outlook on life.

With Alaska being the state with the highest suicide rate, Dimond is concerned with helping lower those numbers.The Wall of Hope project is meant to bring hope and happiness to those at Dimond and across the school district.

It brings out the good things in your life and gives you a reason to stay alive to better yourself. It helps you find something to look forward to.

Dimond is doing everything we could to spread awareness. We want our fellow students here to know that they are not alone.

When you are constantly fighting yourself, you don’t realize how many people will be there and the resources you have. Though this project is new, I hope it will last because it could potentially be helping someone.

With the diamonds, we will be putting them up on “The Wall of Hope.” This project is simple, but can have great outcomes. I hope the students who are struggling and can barely get through a day look at this wall with the slightest smile and notice something that brings them joy.




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Wall of Hope Focuses on the Positive