Not All Role Models Are Appropriate for Children

Everyone has a social media entertainer that they love to watch.

Whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Vine, we all have somebody we enjoy watching in our spare time.

A social media personality that has recently blown up on the internet, going by the name of Boonk, has taken social media feeds by storm.

He is a young man who finds humor in committing crimes while filming himself, to post on social media platforms, such as Twitter.

One video in particular, was of Boonk leaving a family restaurant, without paying for his food.

Some say his videos are just for comedy purposes and not harmful in any way, whereas others may call his so-called art inappropriate, rude, reckless and dumb.

Young viewers were asked about their thoughts on Boonk.

Elementary student, Manu Auelua-Satele, said “He’s so funny!”, while Dimond High School student, Teleita Felise replied, “That’s so dumb.”

Does this mean Boonk has the sense of humor equivalent to an elementary school student?

Service High School Senior Taylor Wade gave her input on the subject.

“Man, I don’t even know, it’s like he puts a funny spin on basically stealing, if that makes sense? Like him putting it on social media with a catch phrase is funny to people. It looks like a joke, when he’s actually doing a crime.”

Many wonder: Why are people fans of this guy? Why is he such a big trend?

“Probably because of his personality,” said Wade. “If he wasn’t so outlandish and loud people wouldn’t find him amusing.”

Felise replied, “That’s so dumb. He thinks he’s inclined to do whatever he wants. That’s kind of how this generation is. They think they are inclined to do whatever they like, when they don’t.”

Social media personalities, such as this, are very risky for our future generations. Younger children may view this behavior and process it as it being okay to break the law, as long as it’s a joke.

While there are many educational people who are perfect role models to children and teens, we must remember not all are suitable or appropriate for children.

As technology becomes more and more involved with today’s youth, we must be more cautious with the sources they use. The children of today are very vulnerable, as more explicit content becomes easily accessible to them via the internet.

A lot of young people are starting to copy such behavior and it has gotten out of hand. More videos of people committing crimes for social media views has become a trend.

Social media personalities are starting to reshape our youth’s mindsets. People have started to crave retweets and reposts more than anything else.

This generation has become blinded by technology, and some seem to have forgotten the basic rules of respect.

People have forgotten who they really are and it is concerning for their future.