Hallway Problems Need a Solution

Upperclassmen are known to be frustrated with the hallway situations at school, but are they the only ones?

“People are always shoving in the hallway cause there’s so many people,” said Freshman Heidi Crago.

She’s not wrong, and upperclassmen aren’t the only ones who find the hallways obnoxious. The hallways are full to the brim and many people are not considerate to others who are walking in the hallway.

“Yeah, not only is there so many people in the hallways but the people just move way too slow. It’s really annoying being stuck behind people they’re walking at snail speed,” said Junior Tucker Graves.

A lot of students while walking in the hallways are on their phones and not paying attention to the others who are walking around them. I get bumped into by kids on their phones about three or more times a day.

“ I’ve gotten bumped into a lot, especially by people that walk in groups. Those are the absolute worst cause you can’t get around them since there are so many of them and they walk in a line that fills the whole hallway. Then you’re stuck and have to walk slow as well,” said Sophomore Lydia Lang.

Students have to find ways to get through the large groups as hard as it is.

“I tell my students just to push through the groups of people if they don’t make holes. There really isn’t any other way to walk in the halls since there are so many kids,” said Science Randy Harrison.

Some teachers don’t have to deal with the hallways as much as others, but they still notice the activities going on in them.

“I don’t deal with the hallway as much but I do notice that they are very congested and loud too. My students tell me about them being loud and crazy at times,” said Katie Schroeder.

As well as being annoying to the students, some teachers find the behavior of the hallway not the best.

“Students don’t use the passing time to go to their lockers like they’re supposed to. Instead they carry everything in their backpacks and bring it all to class. Not only is that bad for their backs but it’s hazardous for teachers. I trip on the backpacks all the time,” said Aline Hopkins.

“I trip on the backpacks way too much since students have been bringing in their backpacks. I also see that my students’ backpacks are huge which could be really damaging to their backs. They’re carrying tons of weight on their back because they aren’t using their lockers and passing times appropriately and even when they bring their backpacks to class they don’t have all their things. It drives me insane,” said Virginia Vinales.

It’s crazy to see how big students’ backpacks get. They’re carrying around tons of school books along with their own binders and other needed things for class. Why bring it all to class when you can use a locker to store the things not needed for every class?

“I use a locker as well as my backpack. I don’t bring all my things to class but I do bring the necessities. But, I can see why students don’t want to go all the way to their lockers all the time. It does take longer than just carrying it around on your back, ” said Sophomore Taliyah Esters.

Our hallway situations are not as good as they could be and people should definitely be more considerate. I think that Dimond students should really try harder on making the hallways better and easier to walk in.