Schools Must Reduce Physical, Emotional and Cyber Bullying

Gender equality and bullying are serious problems faced by teens today still. Schools and statewide officials need to find ways to reduce these problems.

I find that in my school of Dimond High that bullying is all around but not seen by teachers or faculty.

Bullying is more than physical but emotional and cyber as well.

Gender equality plays a big role as it is one of the reasons of bullying today.

People aren’t as accepting of the idea that everyone is equal and should be treated equal.

I think that even though we’ve had women’s rights and african american rights all set and saying that we are considered equal, it still doesn’t feel that way.

In school we may discuss bullying and say that we are a bully free zone but they can’t stop it all.

Online bullying is a type that can’t really be stopped, now that we have the internet and social media all around us it can become a toxic environment for the teens today.

I’ve seen people say things about equality and how we are all equal, just because there are laws saying that, doesn’t mean that the people believe it.

What we need to change is the minds of the people and make them believe that everyone should be treated right.

Gender equality, racial equality, and every other type of equality is something that needs to be projected to the world.

The idea that teens in school treat each other right is only half way true.

The adults don’t see the way kids treat each other between classes or online, or maybe they do and they just don’t do anything.

What we need is change, we have come a long way and we still have a long ways to go before we can even say that everyone is truly treated equally.

Teens today need to realize that making jokes and belittling someone because of their race or gender isn’t right and teachers shouldn’t condone that kind of behavior.

The way that kids joke and say that it’s just playing around, they don’t realize the kind of effects that it can cause for the other kids and how it can drive people to do things.

I think that to really have this be a bully free zone we should try to create an environment that isn’t as hostile feeling and have more assemblies to address the situation.

Even letting kids make more posters promoting a healthy and safe environment to hang around the school to make it a little more lively and free feeling.

Having the school promote the idea of creating a safe space for kids and making it comfortable, really cracking down on the whole bullying situation would help tremendously.