AP Classes Are Worth the Work

AP classes are great classes for students for many purposes like GPA boosting, college applications and overall building a great reputation as a student.

The point system for AP classes is a big reason why they are useful. Instead of getting four points for an A a student receives five and a B gets four points and so on. With multiple classes that are hard and are not AP, for example, chemistry an AP class can help improve ones GPA due to a low grade.

AP classes will help your GPA even if you do not have some low grades to make up for. There are many students who because of AP classes, have over a 4.0.

A higher GPA will help with college applications, making it easier to be accepted. Also, a higher GPA will get you more scholarships.

Along with a higher GPA getting more scholarships, having AP classes on your transcript will make a student seem eager to challenge themselves and eager to learn. If a student seems like they want to learn than a college will look at them more closely and seriously.

However, some people may believe that AP classes are faulty. Not in a way that makes AP classes unuseful, but that people who take classes that are too advanced for them. The only reason they take them is to enhance their GPA or fit in with the “smart crowd.”

Kiera Pulse, a senior who has taken  1/2six AP classes, may help the anti-AP case when she said, “If you’re only taking an AP class for the sake of boosting your GPA I think you’re wasting your time and are only thinking short term.”

Her opinion states a clear message that if you are not interested in what you are learning, you probably shouldn’t take the hardest class to learn about it.

Pulse’s opinions are valid in saying that taking AP solely for the credit is not a good enough reason to take an AP class. There are AP classes, though, that are not as hard as they may seem and any advanced student has the capability of succeeding in the class without real interest in the class.

Angel Stacey, a junior who has not taken AP classes, brings a different light when she said “some schools(universities) do not even accept all AP classes making them pointless.”  

Stacey’s point is solid in the fact that many schools students in my class have applied to have not accepted the AP classes they took for credit. Since many of them took thout class just for the credit, their class does seem useful.

In support of AP classes Gigi Powelson, a senior who has taken three AP classes, said, “Whether or not your college accepts them they are useful because they look really good on applications for college in general and they may take you more seriously as student.”

This shows how important and influential AP classes can be.

Hahna Wood, a senior who has taken nine AP classes, said, “They(AP classes) are good if you are going to college, they are necessary to prepare you.” This adds further support for AP classes they help get you ready to take in the hardship of college.

“Everything the teachers teach us is for the test and not to learn so if you are not going to college it is kind of pointless,” Wood added.

AP classes have their problems and unappealing aspects. However, I believe, that overall AP classes are worth the work that comes with them because they prepare you for college and your future.

The classes give you a strong work ethic and help high school students become great, acceptable college students.