Summer Jobs Change Students’ Perspectives

Everything we do requires money. Going to the store, biking, eating, etc. all require us to spend some money.

We depend on our jobs to support all of the spending we do.

Usually a job is an adult’s concern, but at Dimond High there many kids who are planning on getting jobs this summer.

Dimond Sophomore Marvin Ko has a band trip that he wants to go to, but he needs to have $2,000 for the trip. He decided that he needed a job.
Ko said, “I have a Dimond band trip that I want to go to. The trip is to New York, and that is why it will cost about $2,000.

“I decided that this summer I would get a job at Boba Tree. I know the owner there, so it will be really nice working there.”

Ko added, “I need to work for about two months in order to make enough money for my trip, and after those two months, I will probably drop the job.”
Every student has their own reason for getting a job, but they all have something in common. They all need some money.
Ko needs it for a band trip, and Dimond Sophomore Elijah White needs it for future college expenses.
White said, “I mostly plan on working in retail so most likely somewhere in the mall or even a grocery store. I plan on keeping the job until I’m off to college.
“I need a job so that I can be less dependent on my parents, and it teaches more responsibility.”
On the other hand, there are students like me who work for their parents’ business. My father owns a business that I have run for two summers now, and this summer will be the third.

My job requires me to all sorts of work, including filing papers, electronically recording information and much more. I work in the summer in order to help support my family and not be a burden to them.
Summer jobs teach kids numerous things, but the most important lesson to learn from a summer job is how to appreciate everything one has in life. Most kids nowadays don’t value anything and take most things for granted.

By getting a summer job, kids start to realize how difficult it is to make money and how it takes a lot of hard work to live the life they live.
Dimond Sophomore Eve Kedem is also looking for a summer job, and she thinks that it will be a good step in preparing for the future.

Kedem said, “I want to work to gain experience for when I’m on my own as an adult. Also, I’m super broke and want to be able to buy the things I need and want without having to bother my parents.

“I would probably learn how to handle people and gain patience from working with them all day.”

A summer job helps students socially and economically, and also, there is almost no negative side to getting a job. The only negative side to it would be the amount of time it takes out of their lives.

This is should not be a huge concern as most students waste their time playing games or doing something that is not helpful at all. They don’t only get away from things like gaming, but they also get to see what life really is about and how important school is.

Some students will start to realize that without school, they won’t be able to live even close to the life they want to live with $160 airpods and an Iphone X that’s more than $1,000. They will hopefully start to pay more attention to their grades after working.

Something as simple as a summer job can determine a high school student’s future career as it does change a student’s perspective to life after working for such a small amount of money and realizing how hard it is to make that money.