Dimond Students Share Favorite Coffee Huts

Anchorage is famous for having a million coffee huts and shops around town.

Everyone loves them and usually has a favorite.

There are many different brewers that sell their coffee to other huts around. The most popular brewers are probably Kaladi Brothers and Steam Dot.

There are also some rivalries throughout Anchorage. Personally, my favorite is Kaladi Brothers, but I am a little biased because I have had a lot of friends that have worked there and the Jewel Lake location is one of my favorite homework spots.

During lunch at Dimond it is a race to get to be first in line at one of the coffee places close by. The main ones are Java the Hut and A Whole Latte of Love. Many people are biased about which hut they prefer.

Olivia Orton, a Senior at Dimond and a barista at Java the Hut said, “Obviously my favorite coffee shop is Java the Hut where I work because it is fast and easy for me. My favorite drink is a Red Bull bt if I am going to be drinking coffee it is an iced white chocolate americano with cream. I enjoy being a barista, it is a really fun environment. I enjoy working in a coffee hut because it takes hard work and it is nice because it is really fast paced so time really flies during my shifts.”

Kira Hewlett a Senior at Dimond and a barista at Steam Dot Café said, “My favorite coffee shop is Steam Dot. My favorite drink is a breve cappuccino. I personally love being a barista. It is such a nice experience working in the café. I love working with and around all the different people.”

There are also other coffee huts that people love not as close to school. One of my and my friend’s favorite spots is BOOM! Coffee because of it being open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Senior Ashley Morton said, “I love the many coffee huts around town! They are so convenient and efficient. My personal favorite is BOOM! Coffee away from school and A Whole Latte of Love close by. My favorite drink from both is a Red Bull with fruity flavors. I always ask the baristas to surprise me with new flavors!”

With Alaska being one of the darkest places most of the year, it is no surprise that the population needs a little pick-me-up every once in a while.

From doppios to mochas to flavored Red Bulls, I have seen so many different drink orders from people. There is a very large population of strong, black coffee drinkers like myself on one side and then another very large population of sweet, flavored white mochas and Red Bulls on the other side.

There are whole events in Anchorage just based on coffee. I have had the pleasure of attending a couple “Latte Art Competitions” at the Forty-Ninth State Brewing Company in their events room. This is an event where baristas around Anchorage are able to sign up to compete against each other in creating beautiful latte art.

Some of the things people were able to create with some espresso and milk was amazing. I saw hearts, swans, flowers and much more.