Should We Have a Day Off for Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, so we should have school off on October 31, right?

This has been a conversation for years, because people believe that it is a national holiday and it should be treated as such.

Now if we did have Halloween off school, I feel like a lot of people would be very disappointed because one of my favorite things about Halloween is the fact that you get to go to school and show off your cool costume.

In elementary school, Halloween was celebrated just like how Christmas is in school. We would watch Halloween movies, carve pumpkins and have Halloween parties so it would be really sad if no other kid could experience that.

Even in high school Halloween is celebrated and fun because we have costume contests and some of our teachers give us candy, and who does not love free candy?

“I don’t necessarily think that we should get Halloween off school, because even if kids are less likely to pay attention to normal material, it gives teachers a chance to spice up their lessons and do something Halloween themed while teaching the kids,” said Annania Nickerson, a sophomore at Service High School.

In my opinion, we should have school off on November 1 instead of on October 31 because we should have a day of rest after Halloween.

Halloween can be very hectic with trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, a lot of people do not get home until early morning on Nov. 1.

Personally, I did not use to stay out that late on Halloween night. I would be in bed by 10 o’clock at night, but this year I got home at 3 o’clock in the morning because I was working backstage at Halloween shows and if I had actually had to go to school on Nov. 1, I would not have been happy.

This year I did stay home on Nov. 1 and it felt great, because I did not have to worry about not getting enough rest and falling asleep in class.

For kids in elementary school, it does not really matter because their parents make sure that they are sleeping by a certain time, but as you get older you get more responsibility and you stay out later and as a result you get more tired.

I am not the only one who believes this. Annemarie Van Couwenberghe, a sophomore, believes this too.

“I don’t think we should get Halloween off but we should get November 1 off because people are gonna be up late and all of that because of Halloween so it probably would be better if we didn’t have school November 1,”  Van Couwenberghe said.

When I was younger I always wanted to stay home the day after Halloween because I wanted to eat my candy, and that might be true for other people as well.

None of this will really matter because next year’s Halloween is on a Saturday, but in a couple of years Halloween will be back on a weekday and this conversation will happen again.

Meave Willenbrink, a sophomore at Dimond, truly believes that we should have Halloween off.

“Halloween is a holiday where you want to celebrate the whole day. You want to stay out late and a lot of people have Halloween parties and Halloween shows. They don’t want to have school that day or the next day. I think you should have its own holiday like break like spring break like Halloween break,” Willenbrink said.