Driving, Trash Lead to Parking Lot Problems

Our parking lot here at Dimond has been an issue for many years now. The amount of trash is the main focus point, but what about the crazy driving?

Lauren Fletcher, a junior and member of Student Government, talks about their most recent trash can project in the class. 

“Student Government has purchased three trash cans and three recycling bins to stop littering in our parking lot and to promote safe driving messages that will be painted on the cans,” she said. 

The trash cans are still being painted in the art room, but will be put outside shortly. 

Throughout my years at Dimond I have noticed the abundance of trash throughout our parking lot in addition to irresponsible driving. 

“I started driving when COVID hit last year, so I only ever got to experience driving in the parking lot with my brother. It was always very crowded and covered in trash,” Fletcher said. 

I have heard many stories from students about being cut off, hit, door dinged or trash thrown at their car in our parking lot. It takes me about 10 minutes to exit the parking lot after school and it is very scary because everybody is driving recklessly in a rush to leave. 

I talked with our new SRO, Jon Butler, to hear what he had to say about our parking lot and his first impressions. 

“We notice maybe some speeding, or just some people on their phones when they are driving. We definitely notice people doing donuts in the parking lot, you know things like that, relatively all small stuff,” Butler said. 

We notice these issues, our staff notices these issues, so what can we do to prevent unsafe driving?

“I think the real fixes come when it’s policed by individuals, right. And so, I guess people who are driving in the parking lot just have to invest in the why behind not doing those things,” Butler said. 

The students here at Dimond know right from wrong. There is only so much our SROs, teachers and parents can do. 

If you have ever been in an accident in our parking lot, do not hesitate to report it. 

“For right now they [students] can report it [an accident] to me and I will help facilitate them to see the SRO, or I would take them directly to see the SRO,” Assistant Principal for Student Services Chris Kleckner said.  

Last year, our Student Government was working on a Google form where you could report any accidents. Since COVID-19, the idea has yet to be put into action.

“Yes, actually we have been talking about it this week, and we are getting ready to publicize and move forward with that plan,” History teacher and Student Government Advisor Lem Wheeles said. 

We have new trash cans and an upcoming Google form, but it is up to us to create a safe parking lot. We are old enough to know not to speed, text and drive, cut people off, etc.

In all aspects of life, think before you act. Our parking lot has been a problem for too long. It is time for a change.