Students Miss Prom, but Dimond Makes the Best of Bad Situation


When people think of high school, they think of sports events, friends, clubs, school spirit and dances, especially prom.

Growing up you see movies and TV shows that showcase the high school experience and prom is a part of that. 

Dimond’s Senior Class President Kadyn Osborne said, “Unfortunately, we along with the rest of the ASD are not able to have a prom.

  “As disappointed as I am that I don’t get to enjoy my senior year like normal, it makes sense why the ASD chose against having a prom, 

“It would be too large of an event, that would not only put the students and teacher at risk, but also the families of the staff and students.”

To get to a place where having a prom would be okay one day we have to limit large events unless it is in a safe way and prom is something that would not be able to be done safely. 

Dimond Senior Ian Cruikshank said, “I am pretty bummed that we don’t get to have a prom but I am also accepting of it because I wouldn’t want to put others at risk. And that’s what would probably happen if we host such a large event like prom.” 

Lastly, Dimond Senior Grayson Doucet said, “I haven’t heard of anyone throwing their own prom yet, but it happened last year so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did it again.

“It is sad we don’t get to have a prom, but I think throwing an underground prom isn’t the best way to go about it just because of the safety reasons,” she said. “I think everyone can agree that we don’t want Covid to drag out any longer, so it’s better if we just limit those large events if they are unable to be done in a safe way.” 

Overall, we all hate Covid for many reasons and the Dimond high school students are bummed.

However we are still able to have some senior events such as secret senior spirit days, bike to school day and I think what everyone is most looking forward to: graduation. 

Every year we get older and this year we had to miss out on some very pivotal high school moments, but that is just the way things happen sometimes. 

Dimond has done a really good job trying to make everything as fun as possible for all of the students, so it’s good to see everyone making the best out of the bad situation.

We may not have gotten a prom, but this year was definitely memorable in lots of other ways.