Covid Affects College Tours for Seniors

As college approaches for many of us the last few months of school is when we would usually tour colleges to help make that final decision of where we will be spending the next four years of our lives.

 Covid has of course affected our ability to do normal tours. 

I was able to tour the University of Oregon, however it was very limited and not really affiliated with the school, but instead one professor I had been in contact with. 

So I have been curious to ask other Dimond seniors about what their college decision making process has been like, and if they are able to do a tour through the school, in-person or virtual. 

I have heard of many people who are not doing tours through the schools, but instead just going to see the campus and get a feel for the area they would be in. 

Dimond Senior Annika Rhode said, “I have not been able to do a tour in person because I am working and want to save for tuition.

“I also haven’t done any virtual tours either, but I am planning on doing one for University of Arizona and meeting with a recruiter”

The colleges have been doing a really good job at working with Covid and trying to come up with events to substitute for the not so normal college acceptance process. 

Dimond Senior Skyler Coleman said, “I have chosen Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.

“I was thankfully able to tour in February 2021.

“During my college search I also needed to find a college where I could play on the soccer team.

 “One thing that was super different was not being able to attend a college ID camp.

“It made it very difficult because I was not able to get a feel for how the team played or  if the coaches even liked me enough.

 “Overall it has been a more challenging experience because of Covid, but in the end it all worked out well.” 

Dimond athletes who are seniors and are hoping to play in college had a harder time with the college decision experience, because they did not get a Junior season. If it was a spring sport, they got a senior season but it was way different than it normally would have been.  

Also not being able to play for a team that they would potentially want to play for in college must have been a challenge as well. 

Dimond Senior Jazzy Golly said, “The college decision experience for me was pretty quick, it came down to which school would be the most affordable.

“I got a solid offer to play for a school that offered me a high scholarship and I took the opportunity and made my college decision quickly.

“I think the fact that I got to see my school in person made me more confident in my choice.

“I committed to the college I’m going before I got to visit and then when I got to go it just made me more excited to move there.” 

Seniors have had a different experience than normal in lots of ways, especially when it came to picking colleges; however we have almost made it.

Congratulations to all of the Dimond seniors for persevering through all the challenges that came with 2020-2021. 

On to the next chapter, Class of 2021!