Dimond School Lunches

An announcement made by the ASD about free lunches.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools nationwide are giving free lunches to students attending schools. This helps families that might be struggling from the pandemic and cannot afford daily school lunches. This change brings up the question of whether or not schools should make lunches free permanently for students. In most situations, students are given a cheaper option if their families cannot afford regular school lunches allowing them to have a more reasonable price.

Hundreds of thousands of schools feed millions of students daily, most of which receive free food. Some schools give worse food for those who can not pay in order to still feed the child but also not waste resources without getting a return in money. Obtaining lunches to feed hundreds of students each school day, sometimes more than once a day, costs a lot of money and giving meals for free can be hard without any return.

Sixty percent of people say that lunches should be given for free, and that schools should take the blow if a student cannot pay for their meal. It also seems most people believe that lunches should be paid for if the family is in a difficult financial position.