The Dimond High School Nap Page

The Dimond High School Nap Page

        In December 2021 a trend went around on the social media entertainment app TikTok that displayed Instagram accounts made to capture photos of sleeping kids at their schools. Dimond High School also had one such account called the “DHS NAPS” run by an anonymous student. “I made this nap page just because I thought it would be funny and add excitement.” they said in an interview. 

DHS NAPS on Instagram

         This countrywide trend of people making sleep pages points out an obvious issue that has to do with student’s health and the amount of sleep that they receive each night. The majority of high school students all over the united states are not getting enough sleep each night and it is shown by the thousands of teenagers caught sleeping during school hours. 

        “School is very tiring and it causes some mental problems and sleeping is just how some students deal with them. It’s also because you have to wake up extremely early and be at school working your brain and trying to remember those certain things you learned on a low amount of hours of sleep you had. Some people sleep because they have a lot of stress” They replied when asked about a possible reason.

        As far as students not getting sleep goes, several factors can be attributed to a cause. Students at Dimond High School have six different classes a day in a five day week, each with the potential to give their own amount of homework assignments. Homework assignments could possibly take multiple hours per task which eat up all of a student’s personal free time. Couple this fact with the fact students have to wake up around six in the morning to prepare for a bright and early seven-thirty class and that can make a teen feel like they live in a brutal school, eat, sleep and repeat cycle.

        Ask any of the students that you would find on one of these social media sleep pages and you would likely find that they believe their exhaustion comes from a problem with the school and that something must be changed, but no matter how many students speak out it will always come down to a room of adults that don’t take the page’s advice.