Is Canvas Any Good?

Is Canvas Good? This is the question we are asking at Igaramkin news. Dimond has been using Canvas for the past few years as it is a useful tool for checking grades and turning in assignments, but is it good? Canvas was developed in 2008 by two BYU graduate students and later bought by Instructure in 2011. I interviewed Hayden Stack, a senior at Dimond some questions about Canvas and here’s how the interview went. I started by asking Hayden if he likes Canvas. “Yes I do like Canvas, It makes things a lot easier rather than turning in paper copies of work”. Do all of your classes use Canvas? “Yes, all of my classes use Canvas.” Do you have any issues with Canvas? “Nothing too significant, It does have a few errors when turning in assignments but besides that nothing too significant.” If you could improve one thing about Canvas what would it be? “I think If I could improve one thing it would be getting rid of the errors when submitting assignments.” The overall response on if Canvas is good is yes it is, while canvas may have a few errors and issues it is overall a good resource for students.