Are Water Bottles needed?

Drinking water has always been a major necessity for both students and staff personnel, and we need it every day. Our school has drinking fountains and filling stations scattered around the school. It may be useful for us all the time, but it also has been a problem not only for us students but for the teachers as well. 

Not everybody likes drinking from a fountain, others like drinking water from a bottle but some people are fine with either fountain water or water bottles. Students even bring their thermo flasks or hydro flasks sometimes. The filling stations built in our school are made to quench the thirst of the students at all times and at the same time, help this school, and our environment, get safer and cleaner.

Teachers have a different problem though. They are having a difficult time in classes because of students that skip classes after asking for a pass to drink outside the classroom. Here’s where the question comes in: should we bring our water bottles every time and not go out while inside a class, or should things stay the same? 

Our principal, Ms. Tina Johnson-Harris, said “It is much preferable for students to bring their own water bottles rather than going out during class to drink at the fountain.” With that said, it is recommended that we bring our water bottles, not just to help with the school and the environment, but also for us students.