Backpack Policy

Dimond High School’s newly implemented dress code is affecting all students. Backpacks are now prohibited outside of your locker for the school day. Backpacks are extra bulk and may clog up the hallways, causing extra shuffling and discomfort for those around you. Some designs can be extra confidential with thick fabric, making it easier to sneak things into a class which may be a safety risk and distraction. They can also be a disturbance with keychains with noisy material.


Strapped backpacks like Jansport aren’t allowed, but there are many alternatives. Drawstrings are an exemplary choice with the thin fabric making it small yet functional for hallways and under desks. They are commonly handed out at events if you have one but can be bought for under three dollars online. Tote bags are also allowed. They can’t go on your back, but they are much more spacious, and you can add personal touches to your bag as long as they aren’t distracting. You can buy any variant, branded or shopping, as long as it’s not violating any school policy with graphics or design.


A school secretary at Bayshore Elementary has some opinions on the new bag policy.


How loose or strict should they be about the new backpack policy?

“Backpacks should be kept in your locker, only bringing needed supplies to class to eliminate distraction and clutter.”


Do you see the backpack spreading across schools?

“I thought it was already a policy.” Mrs. Adams explained how she was only allowed to bring her binder to class. No bags allowed.


Should students be required to only have a certain type of bag?



Do you have an opinion on the school dress code policies regarding clothing?

“They need to enforce the dress codes more.”


Dimond High school does have a clothing policy. In the Dimond High Student Handbook, it is documented you can’t have see-through clothing, bandanas with print (which may represent or stand for unadvised organization), saggy pants, skin-tight clothing, tops with midriff, spiky accessories, chains, blankets, any shirts that may show shoulders and/or excessive cleavage, and anything printed with inappropriate connotations including drugs and alcohol. This last condition is by far the most important to observe, so you may see other violations in the halls. If you are worried about a particular clothing item, you can ask administrators for more information. If you’re pushing the envelope, it’s best to have a backup pair of clothes in case you’re denied. Many students have been accidentally breaking this code from a lack of recognition, and many may not read the handbook.


In a school environment, when dressing more professionally, you may feel more motivated than at home. Comfort is important but shouldn’t get taken for granted. Clothing is a way to express yourself and help others know more about your personality, but clothing choices can make those around you uncomfortable. It is vital to be aware of appearances and keep them appropriate. This includes personal hygiene and scents. Many fragrances can be irritable for individuals meaning cologne, perfume, and deodorants. They should be discovered, not announced.


Dimond has had a dress code policy since the beginning, but now that backpacks are being more enforced, it may be a new start for every day. For you and your classmates, it’s good to keep up personal hygiene, be mindful of professional appearances, and be attentive to how much space that extra bag may take up.