Halloween Candy Tier List


I want to preface this by saying that every candy is the best, and this is purely for comedic purposes. I would give them all S tier if I could, but that wouldn’t make a very good article.

Skittles – D tier, these taste like candy-coated rocks.

M&M – B tier, at the rate M&Ms are going they’re going to run out of things to put in them. Upcoming: dirt-filled M&Ms.

Kit Kats – S tier, you put a wafer in anything and I’ll eat it.

Reese’s – B tier – I wish they sold the peanut butter on these in jars.

Whoppers – D-tier, I just wish they weren’t full of dust.

Twix – C tier, you always have too many and have to throw some away.

Hershey’s – D tier, you have been socially conditioned to like these. They are not good.

Sour Patch Kids – F tier, these make my teeth hurt.

Candy Corn – A tier, my school used to put THREE candy corn in a dish in front of you and make you wait forty-five minutes to eat them. This gave me candy corn trauma. Still, underrated.

Twizzlers – F tier, when these get too old they start to shatter and harden.  

Hershey’s Kisses – D tier, somehow waxier than the bar.

Milk Duds – B tier, these things have pulled out like eight of my teeth.

Gummy Bears – D tier, it’s a miracle Haribo are the most popular because they are the worst ones.

Almond Joy – A tier, tastes like coconut. That’s it.