Life After High School

What will life after high school be like, students ask? Life after high school can go many different ways: college, military, work or just living. Some kids get scholarships for sports, while others go find a job and make a living. A senior in my class, Josh Monaghan, said his plan for after high school is going to be enlistment in the Marines, followed by college. Another, named Healer Brown, said that he was planning on going to college. What to do after high school? There are so many options in the world for so many careers. Some people go to college to pursue their education and sports, some decide to join the military to serve our country. Some people get a job and start making a living right here in Anchorage to just live their lives. When asked about his plans after high school, a student in my second period named Chris said “Probably college.” College is a great idea to many people, but many people also think about going into the military for a bit to serve and protect our country. Some people like to work. I was thinking about working but I want to chase a career outside of Alaska and pursue it. There are options like creating things such as companies, apps, and paintings. You can pursue being a professional athlete in basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and wrestling. Mx. Fletcher, my 6th-period teacher, said their plan was to attend college after high school as well. What will you do?