Dimond’s Hobbies

Hobbies have been around for a long time; some people have used them as time-killers and others have used them to enjoy that specific aspect of things they do. Recently, I’ve noticed many students have joined Dimond sports, so I took note and interviewed some students to see how they balance out their life between being a high school student, and extracurricular activities.

The first student I spoke to was a freshman, CC’Marie Gaskill. She participates in volleyball outside of school. She manages to stay organized, and her classes are easy so she doesn’t really need to put much effort between classes and volleyball. She then mentioned she didn’t have any advice for those who also manage sports and school.

Another interview was with freshman Oliver Stacey. He joined boxing, which was separate from school, and he manages to stay organized by doing all of his work during the day. Even after a difficult or hard time after school he still makes an effort for his homework, then if he’s finished he likes to spend free time on his phone and heads to boxing around 7 pm. When I asked him for advice to students, he said, “Time management is everything.” Micah Redfearn is a freshman who takes part in cross-country running, skiing, and track. He manages to focus on sports and his homework that night. His friendly advice was: “One bad grade is not the end of the world.”