Game Review: Stray


[SPOILER WARNING – ending details of Stray]

Stray is a third-person adventure game, featuring a cat traveling the ancient underground ruins of what was the last ever trace of humanity. The goal is to get through all of the “Zurks,” complete side quests and get to the top level to escape the bunker.

Personally, I think this game is amazing, everything from the graphics to the storyline. Instead of being stuck in one place for too long, you are required to move places, change scenes, meet mentioned or new characters and… it’s definitely a game I look forward to playing. I’d give the game a solid 9.5 out of 10, the only thing it’s missing is where the cat finds their family at the end. When I tell you I’m not an emotional person when it comes to pixels I’m not, I didn’t even blink during Titanic. At the end of this game, I was giving earth life, I promise you. I don’t get attached easily so when the game ended it was over for everyone. I watched the gameplay through Jay from the Kubzscouts, and he just made the experience so much better. I think his commentary was just what I needed to not start crying when his companion B-12 (Hence the creator’s name) died.

Overall the game was amazing, I genuinely think this game could be enjoyed by everyone. You have to be smart to figure it out and beat it, but still, anyone could like this game.