Vegetable Tier List


I want to preface this by saying that every vegetable is the best, and this is purely for comedic purposes. I would give them all S tier if I could, but that wouldn’t make a very good article. 

S tier – Bell peppers, they’re good but they spoil too fast.

S tier – Brussels sprouts, best cooked to a crisp.

S tier – Garlic, you can never have enough garlic.

A tier – Jalapeños, good but some of them taste like soap.

A tier – Mushrooms, good sautéed and uncooked.

A tier – Onions, not good raw, but great cooked.

B tier – Asparagus, I refuse to eat the stalk no matter how many people say they are edible.

B tier – Celery, you get used to eating string. 

B tier – Sweet potatoes, although nobody can decide if they’re a desert or a vegetable.

C tier – Brocoli, not that great but too many people hate them.

C tier – Eggplant, if I saw someone eat this raw I would run away.

C tier – Potato, too many people like these.

C tier – Pumpkin, pumpkin pie is carrying the pumpkin industry. Also, admit it, pumpkin spice is bad.

D tier – Cabbage, they need to stop adding so much to egg rolls.

D tier – Cauliflower, how am I supposed to rate something without a flavor?

D tier – Carrots, I wish these didn’t come with wings

D tier – Squash, honestly not even sure if these are edible.

D tier – Cucumbers are perpetually cold. It’s creepy. 

F tier – Zucchinis are just hard cucumbers. I hate cucumbers.

F tier – Peas, who decided that every dinner needs to have peas. You’re not allowed to leave until you eat them. That rule was created to spite me.

F tier – Lettuce, lettuce is an abomination. Wake up people.