App Review: Finch

Mental health is something that many people struggle with, especially high schoolers. Mental health can make it extremely hard to do certain things. Taking care of yourself, completing tasks, and even getting out of bed in the morning can become extremely difficult for people who are struggling with their mental health.

There are ways to help this though. There is an app called finch that could be very helpful to the students here at Dimond. It’s an app where you take care of a bird, to help you take care of yourself. This bird grows as you finish days and begin to take care of yourself more and more. The bird is customizable in so many ways. This includes colors of the body, wings, head, etc. There are also many clothing options to choose from. Alongside this, your bird gets a bedroom that is also customizable. All the things you customize your bird and room are bought with gems that you earn in the game.

In the app itself, there are many things to do. There are quizzes about your mental health to get pictures of severity. There are also grounding and breathing activities to help in times of need. One great thing about this app is you can set daily goals for you to meet that help you grow your bird and earn more gems. You can also rant to this app without the worry of anyone ever seeing it as it is all kept private.

There is a pro feature that costs 40 dollars a year, however, the free version is just as helpful. Overall, the app can be very helpful to people who are struggling, but also just people in general. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see how it works for you.