Little-Known Marvel Characters: The Sentry

In an effort to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum that granted Steve Rogers his powers as Captain America, Canada’s Department K and Project: Rebirth pooled together to form Project: Sentry, and in their post-war arrogance, intended to multiply it by 100,000 times the power. 10 years after the project was created, meth addict Robert Reynolds broke into the lab of an unnamed professor, drinking the Golden Sentry Serum, and gaining the power of a million exploding suns. Robert’s life began to fall into place: he got a sidekick in Scout and got married, however, his new charmed life was crashed by the being who would be his greatest enemy: The Void.

                They say your own worst enemy is yourself: well, in the case of the Sentry, that was literally true. The Void was the dark aspect of his powers, and the only way to get rid of him was to wipe out his memories of the Sentry and the Void. However, the memories refused to be let go of for long, and eventually, they returned, and Robert demanded to be placed on The Raft, a maximum security prison for supervillains, claiming he had killed his wife, a fact that he later found to be untrue. The villain Electro later staged a massive breakout of the Raft super-prison, and he and the symbiote Carnage, one of the deadliest killers alive, went on a rampage. Without saying a word, the Sentry flew through the walls of the prison, grabbed the symbiote, flew him into low orbit, and ripped him in half. He later was called in to repeat this feat when Knull, whom we talked about in the last issue, but Knull managed to reverse the position and rip apart the Sentry, absorbing the Void.

                Robert Reynolds later went up against his former sidekick, Scout, who along with Cranio managed to replicate the serum, and gave Scout the powers of the Sentry. In order to defeat him, Robert sought out the Coid and enlisted his help, the both of them fusing together, and it was revealed that they are two halves of the same person, only half as strong as they were intended to be. After trouncing the newly powered Scout, he even took on the Avengers, who tried to stop him. When Iron man told them they couldn’t let him go, he basically told them, “You can’t stop me.” Then he flew off into space and became unmerged with the Void at some point before his fight with Knull.

                Sentry’s powers are among the most powerful in all of Marvel Comics. Initially created to be Marvel’s answer to Superman, The Sentry, even unmerged, can probably solo all of the DC comics multiverses. He is capable of molecular manipulation, which he uses to heal himself, shapeshift, and build various constructs such as shields or even sand Golems. He has godlike strength, he was able to beat the Worldbreaker Hulk into submission, even while the Sentry was severely weakened. Once he merged with the Void, he had the strength of both beings and was able to manhandle the Avengers, including She-Hulk, Thor, and Captain Marvel.

The Sentry is for all intents and purposes invulnerable and immortal. There are two exceptions to his immortality: When he was ripped in half by Knull, and if he wills himself to die, he can then be killed as easily as any man. This also is illustrated when he asks the hulk to punch him in the face to stop him from destroying everyone on earth and was able to take damage. He also has photokinesis, meaning he can generate and control light, using it to emit light to blind people, turn invisible, and create hard light constructs, such as weapons and shields. He also releases energy blasts with the force to level entire city blocks.

                He has also demonstrated vast biokinetic abilities, though the extent of which is unknown. He once cured a young girl of being in a vegetative state and having spinal problems simply by being in the room with her. He also has a regenerative healing factor, which includes resurrecting himself, and twice he even healed himself after having his molecules dispersed into nearly nothing, and can heal from his injuries nearly instantaneously.

Can We See the Sentry Make His Way Into The MCU?

Currently, we do not have a setup for Sentry in the MCU, but it might not be out of the question. While the Sentry on the surface may seem overpowered, Captain Marvel is also kind of an overpowered character, but they added her into the MCU. The storyline is a great fit for the movies, especially considering the loss of a super-soldier Captain America, so people trying to replicate it would make sense. People would have different reasons to be trying to create a massively powerful superhuman, either to protect our world or take it over. With the Multiverse Saga underway, there are a multitude of options to enter him in, either in a post-credits scene or a movie set in another universe to safely introduce the character to fans and gauge their reaction before bringing him into the mainline MCU.