Mascot Musings

Now, if you look at the school website or watch our basketball games, you might know that we have a mascot. However, I have a few questions about what we do with the suit. For one, what’s their name? Where do they store it after they are done? I want to know, my curiosity is killing me, but also, why does just one of our sports have the suit? I want to see the mascot doing its flips with the cheerleaders when I’m on the field. I want to see the mascot at football, baseball, hockey, and other sports. I mean, all you have to do is add a helmet and a sports jersey to all of the sports, and for training just make them train with the cheerleaders, but make them do flips and somersaults in the middle of the chants and go to the stalls to interact with the crowd and players. It makes the halftime show more interesting and makes watching the game more entertaining.