Tier List: Pizza Toppings


S-tier – Banana pepper, to be honest not sure if I’m confusing these with peperoncino.

S-tier – Pepperoni, people who don’t like pepperoni are untrustable, and on the FBI’s most wanted list.

A-tier – Bell peppers, every pepper belongs on pizza.

A-tier – I don’t why I tell myself I like these, they taste like spicy dirt.

B-tier – Onions deserve to be a mainstream topping.

C-tier – Bacon, people only like bacon on pizza because bacon is good on anything, of course, it’s good, it’s bacon.

C-tier – Artichoke, the most mid vegetable.

C-tier – Garlic, lately I’ve decided you CAN have too much garlic.

D-tier – Canadian bacon, would probably be better if it wasn’t always with pineapple.

D-tier – The problem with chicken is it cooks faster than pizza, so the chicken is always hard by the time the pizza is done.

D-tier – Italian sausage, why order this? Why not anything else?

D-tier – Tomatoes, just add more sauce. You don’t need solid sauce.

F-tier – Ground beef, it’s like adding pebbles to your pizza.

F-tier – Olives, when olives are cooked they taste like soap.

F-tier – Pineapple, just serve me the pineapple, it doesn’t belong on pizza.

F-tier – Mushrooms, too mushy. Hence the name.

F-tier – Green olives, green olives climbed out of the underworld to ruin my pizza.