Bad TV Show Reviews

Now there are a lot of good shows and movies you can watch but this is not one of those, this is the ones that are just straight-up bad, not a fun bad, not a good bad, they are bad bad. I’ll start with the recent bad shows that I have seen.

Velma: Now it’s only been a few months since She-Hulk was out and I thought Jen was the worst-written character in the history of television, but I just watched Velma and I can’t believe I’m saying this but she is somehow even worse than She-Hulk was. Now it was obvious that this “comedy” (if you can even call it that) was going to be bad when it was released and it was going to be as much fun as hugging a porcupine but I underestimated how nasty, bitter, and angry the people who wrote this show are. I had a hard time reviewing this show because they are vile and incoherent. So Velma is supposed to be based on Scooby-Doo but there is no Scooby-Doo and nobody acts as the original characters. They all look nothing like the charters except for Fred and the reason they left the blond male character is that they needed someone to be the leader of all the jokes as this show is nothing more than a skin suit as these people couldn’t get the show they wanted to be made so they had to reach the fame of an old brand to be made which sounds like most of Hollywood movies these days as this is how can be broken down into.

1. Constant references to itself or other shows over and over again.

2. The show has more “adult content” jokes that it waterboards you with because telling you the same joke over and over again will eventually make you laugh.

3. It’s not a joke but the writers think it’s funny but it’s just Velma giving an ill-informed political opinion.

The show thinks it’s edgy because it uses a ton of violence but every show is doing the same thing and just like the other shows. They impact the same soft and predictable mainstream violence but because they think it’s fake and edgy they pick the same targets as every show does and it tries to brainwash itself thinking that it’s brave but the worst part is that the show is boring. The mystery Velma is trying to solve is as dumb as jersey shore and I’m going to say all of Velma’s crimes throughout the show to show you that this lady is delusional: Assault, manipulation, breaking and entering, trespassing, false imprisonment (she gets Fred arrested and shot for no reason), drug dealing, theft, Etc. because they just can’t get arrested.

1The Witcher: Blood Origin: A complete mess made by an old woman who hates her source material and she is so bad at her job that she got rid of the original Witcher for disrespecting the material and for some reason Netflix doesn’t fire her instead she is rewarded with more shows. This show has four 1-hour episodes and has about a dozen characters and multiple plot threads cremated into it and yet somehow finds a way to waste all of that time with characters talking about nothing and wandering around random parts of the world pathetically to copy the seven samurai but unlike the seven samurai one is fire and one is a dumpster fire. The writing is so bad that if you turned it in to your teacher at school you would fail the class for writing the most basic of writing mistakes. These people have been given millions of dollars despite being unable to do the most basic of things like set up and pay off or cause and effect this show is awful with its paper-thin characters. A convoluted plot and terrible action seem like the dialogue that is so bad I’d rather hear the music my cousin picks me up in the morning instead of hearing this. It has the same problems as every generic fantasy show. Every part of the world looked just like one another and the elves acted like humans despite the fact of being set and based on what is practical in medieval Poland. The Witcher universe is more diverse than a modern-day airport and the way everyone talks makes it sound like they are all from California with costumes and set armor. It isn’t even better while everyone’s fake ears look like cheap plastic, the clothing is terrible with most people wearing rags and you even see someone wearing a white vest. The catcher is ugly and boring and the soldiers wear fish-scale armor but the worst thing they do is they carry these swords. These people get paid a fortune to make this show and yet they make their weapons the shape of a lightning bolt. Overall, this show is bad, so save yourself time and don’t watch it.