Ski Areas Around Anchorage

 Has skiing or snowboarding been something you’ve wanted to try? In this article, I will be comparing the three most common ski areas in or around Anchorage. I’ll be comparing Hillberg Ski Area, Hilltop Ski Area, and Alyeska Ski resort. Skiing and snowboarding are extremely different. While skiing, you can use both legs for control. When snowboarding, both of your legs are attached to one board, like skateboarding. They can be similar though. With both skiing and snowboarding, you need to use the edges of your skis or board to turn, slow down, or stop.

        I will be starting with the Hilltop ski area. It is located in Anchorage about a mile and a half up the hill from Service highschool. This is where I learned how to ski. I think it is really beginner friendly because it has a smaller hill towards the bottom of the mountain called the “Rope Tow”. After learning though, riding the chairlift and going down the mountain can get a little repetitive. I think that the lift line gets too long. One time, I spent 45 minutes in the lift line, just to take 2 minutes to get down the mountain. Unlike other ski areas, Hilltop only has one level and there are only three ways down. Although I run out of places to go, I still enjoy going with friends and family. Inside the lodge, renting ski or snowboard equipment takes about an hour to do. Waiting in lines is the thing I do most at Hilltop honestly. Same for food. I waited approximately 30 minutes in line for one basket of fries. No shade to Hilltop though because I like going. I just wish it would be a little more organized.

        Hillberg Ski area is located on the Fort Richardson base. Therefore it is only available to people who have access to the military base. I think Hillberg is also really really beginner friendly. The hill is fairly level with a slight decline. Honestly, I think that the tubing they offer is a better option than using it to ski or snowboard. The lodge, I thought, was pretty big and not too crowded, unlike Hilltop. 

        Alyeska is located in a small town called Girdwood and it is about an hour’s drive from Anchorage. Alyeska has so many trails and ways to go. There are about 4 or 5 chairlifts that all take you to different levels of the mountain. I think that Alyeska is also really beginner friendly. I feel like there is never a limit at Alyeska and there is something for everyone. At Alyeska, there’s always a trail that someone hasn’t explored. The lower mountain gets a little repetitive but the upper mountain has so many different routes to take. The lift lines always take less than 3 minutes to get through and the lift goes fast. In the lodges, renting equipment is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes. They have wonderful customer service. Also, since it is a resort, they have a hotel with many spa services, and the food there is amazing.

        Overall, I think Alyeska is the best place to ski or snowboard, even for beginners. Their food is so good and as a person with allergies, they were very accommodating. At Alyeska, there are endless amounts of things to do. I was very pleased with how kind their employees were as well.