If everyone in the world hated reading, how do you think that would make a change to our world now? I was reading a book the other night, and honestly, I was extremely tired and bored so I decided to just jump into it with no real idea of what was to happen. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was indeed a bit more angsty or rather agonizing. It was hard to swallow, let’s just say. It started with the main character, Desserae, suffering tears outside of a teahouse. It was around three in the morning and the worst heartbreak she could have ever experienced was a memory she soon would not forget nor be able to stomach. It caused nightmares for more than a year, bringing back her childhood trauma about being abandoned by her parents. Her world felt like it was crashing. Should she ever feel this pain again was something she had not prepared for. The love of her life,

Cody, the person she had known and trusted with her life, had just broken up with her, she was beyond shocked. She had known him for about ten years and been in a relationship with him for about five/six-ish years; he had promised her that they were going to marry each other and live the life they had always dreamed of together. And on that fateful night, her world came crumbling down. She begged him to stay, she begged and begged but his eyes were dry, emotionless. After some time she finally saw that she couldn’t save what had been lost, so she left. Some time had passed now, and Desserae was doing much better. Her trauma still overtook her at times and she had found a way to cope. She and her good friend Amelie had made much progress to move away, Only for the fate of the ‘ Archons ‘ to reunite the two previous lovers, in a very unexpected way. Cody had taken a house cleaning position under a good mutual friend of theirs, and so when Desserae went to meet her, Cody had just happened to walk through the door. Cody was immediately overwhelmed with guilt, a lump had formed in his throat and so it did in Desserae’s. She was doing everything in her will to keep from breaking down and Cody just wanted to apologize and be close to his lover once more. Cody’s anxiety was too much for him to take over, so he excused his presence and walked out of the house, wandering off to tend to the garden nearby. As Desserae calmed down, she was dismissed by her friend, as she could sense the tension in the room that still needed time to heal. Desserae took her to leave, thanking her friend, and promised they could catch up another time. As she left she saw Cody planting and caring for the flowers in the garden, she uttered “It was only fate that brought us together, and it shall do it once more. I’m glad to see you doing well.” and she continued on her walk back to her home beyond the mountains. Cody smiled, knowing that she was unaware that he heard her and now he could finally live in peace knowing she was no longer upset, or resentful. From then on they had only wished each other well in hopes that their stories weren’t ending there, and that they would be bound together by fate once more.

I can’t seem to grasp the idea of how I could be so affected by this book. Maybe in a past life, I once was like this too, or maybe I’m unaware of this event that has somewhat happened to me now. All I know is that at the end of the day, all we can do is hope for good communication and respect from those around us, we don’t need the answers but god, they do help us to understand what could be changed, what could be altered. I’m in no way saying “Change yourself” No one is the problem, but it helps to know what others think, or maybe it doesn’t. Everyone is different.