Game Review: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a sandbox game that many people play on Switch, PC, Xbox, Mobile, and PlayStation. The game goes through 4 seasons, with 28 days each. In these seasons, there are at least two events, one in the middle of the season, and one at the end. After each 112-day cycle, a year passes in the game. Though the storyline often ends around the beginning of the third year, players can play for longer or shorter periods than that. The game begins on Spring 1st, a Monday. On this day you wake up in a cabin on a farm near a place called Pelican Town, located in the region of Stardew Valley.

The game provides you with starter tools, a watering can, a hoe, a scythe, a pickaxe, and an axe. The mayor of Pelican Town, Lewis, welcomes you with a gift in the cabin, 15 parsnip seeds that can only be planted in the Spring. Throughout the game, the goal is to clear the farm to keep it usable, make friends with the citizens of Pelican Town, level up each of the 5 skills to level 10, and finish the community center or purchase all the town upgrades from Joja Mart. The events are all great ways to increase friendship levels, earn prizes and money, and learn the quirks of the game.

After playing for two years of the game, I started to enjoy the game, learning each of the quirks in the code. Like clay spawns on certain spots and there is a pattern to follow. Although I have not reached perfection yet, I have really enjoyed playing the game and will continue to play. I recommend the game to those that want a low-stress game to play and enjoy.