High School Bathrooms

High school bathrooms have to be one of the most unorthodox places in the world. Walking into the bathroom you never know what to expect, and that’s the best part for me. It’s kinda funny what you see. I remember one time I went into the bathroom and there was a full-on party. These people had drinks, tables, chips, and speakers playing (and it was awesome) and that’s not even the wildest thing I saw in there. Sometimes there will be a barber shop in the bathrooms and people getting their hair done during passing period. It’s cool and all, but sometimes you just want some peace. Another time, I remember there was a fight going on and I was in a stall and the door nearly busted open! But this is not the first time something like this happened. During the devious lick trend that happened in 2022, at first it was small things like soap dispensers and paper towels and other small inconveniences that people were taking, but now people are taking the entire bathroom leaving nothing but the room itself. When I was at Mears Middle School the upstairs bathrooms were locked for the whole school year because someone stole the sink and got away with it. How do you steal the sink and get away with it? That never made any sense to me but it didn’t stop at school. They were taking street signs, TVs, and desks and I even saw a video where someone stole the principal’s car door. They stole so much stuff and now that I think about it, what did they do with the stuff they stole? What are you going to do with a broken sink? Another big subject on bathrooms is how they are a hub of people trying to sell you stuff there. I have personal experience and every once in a while the school bathroom turns into the octagon. I’m talking about gloves, hand wraps, shirts off, you name it, they got it. The only people I feel for are the janitors and not only do they have to replace everything people steal, but they have to clean the toilets when people don’t flush. They have to do that while not getting paid the best wages, and that’s just one bathroom. This school has 10 student bathrooms and they have to clean them all and keep the school clean. I’m surprised we even have janitors after the things they have to clean. These people deserve a raise for the work they do.