The Art of Dance

 Dance is a way of expressing your emotions without saying a word. Dance originated from 5,000 to 9,000 years ago and it’s been done in many different styles and ways. There is usually a style of dance for everyone. Dance gives endless opportunities. Some styles include; Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Musical Theater, Ballroom, and many more. People can dance casually, or competing is also an option. Competitive dance can offer so many new experiences and skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, as well as endurance.

        Let’s start with the different dance styles. Ballet is the structure needed for most styles of dance, even hip-hop, which is the complete opposite. Ballet began as a courtly dance for Italian nobles in the early 15th century. It was heavily influenced by Latin and French words for “to dance”. There are many different techniques of ballet such as classical, romantic, and neo-classical ballet. Contemporary and lyrical are closely linked to ballet but can be less technical. These styles are more emotional dance styles and allow for more mental freedom and finding something to relate to easily in contemporary dance is easy. Jazz and musical theater are a blend of contemporary and hip-hop. Musical theater is heavily performance-based and sometimes lip-syncing is done when performing. These are the kind of performances you would see on Broadway. Hip Hop, just like ballet, has many different categories such as popping, locking, breaking, and house. Hip-hop is a hard-hitting dance style that is not easy for everyone. It requires mental and physical strength.

        Competitive dance is also really popular in the dance world. This is when choreographers choreograph a dance, whether that be a solo, duet, trio, or group dance, to perform on stage to be judged by professionals. Dancers wear full face makeup that consists of eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and blush. Most of the time, competitions last about 8-12 hours and require dancers to be there all day. Even after they perform, they must stay until awards, which are usually presented after everyone has competed. During awards, medals, and trophies, as well as pins, can be handed out to those who placed. Competitions are taken seriously.

        Although dance may be super wonderful, it can be very taxing on your body, and bank account. Dancing requires flexibility of the body and the mind. Spending hours in the studio every day can be super exhausting. Classes, studio rentals, choreography fees, and costume purchases can often add up to a super scary amount. Dance can be for everyone and the good thing about it is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a fancy studio or sound system. Not only is dance a sport, but it’s an art.