Would You Survive?

Now everyone has heard the phrase “I can survive this” when watching an end-of-world movie/show. Well, guess what, I’m going to prove you all wrong in all of these. I will tell you if you can survive and why you wouldn’t.

Dead Rising: The only thing about these guys is the number of them you never see. An alone zombie is their ideal group with 20 being the biggest herd. You will never see that, but that is the point of the game. There are so many zombies that if you have the right stuff, it’s going to be fun. So this is the only game where you are going to jump into a herd of zombies and be just fine. There aren’t any special infected in here and if you have the creativity and the engineering you can build some stuff. You get in this game and the only thing you need to worry about is the number of zombies and if you are getting bit. In the Dead Rising universe, you can delay the turning process, so as long as you get that vaccine you will be good. Try not to get cornered either.

World War Z: no, not living

The Walking Dead: Probably because it’s not the zombies in there that you have to worry about because they are a joke to kill. The thing to worry about is the people in the show. There is this group called the whispers who learned how to move massive herds and they used these herds to get what they want, and Negandon’t even get me started on this guy. It’s not just them there are a lot of people in here who you just don’t wanna be involved with (Negan before his redemption arc, whispers, the wolves, terminus, claimers, etc.) and because a walker is a predictable desperate person (not including psychopaths) so if you play your cards right and avoid people entirely you will be good.

Last Of Us: An airborne virus that can change you within 2 days, yea this one is weird. To say the least, I mean there is a chance you can be immune, but it’s not explained what makes you immune, but it’s not worth it here, because of the infected runners, stalkers, and clickers. All of them are nightmares to deal with and they won’t just bite you, they will tear you from limb to limb until they are done with you.

Left 4 Dead: Have you seen the infected in here? Even the regular ones are a major threat to you and it’s like World War Z and Resident Evil combined with steroids and everything is trying to kill you. They have sensitive hearing and the special infected in here are the worst infected and I will tell you what they do. Smokers: They wrap you in their long disgusting tongues and hang you, or they hold you down for other infected to get to you. Spitters: Spit acid at you. Boomer: Spits a fluid that attracts a herd to you. They can’t harm you physically. Charger: The ultimate jacking hand will charge at you and if they get you they will slam you down until you are down. Jockey: They wrap around your head and will guide you into a bad place. Hunter: A spiderman without webs. They can jump from building to building and when you open they will jump at you and rip you to shreds. Tank: A literal tank that can throw concrete from the ground at you and charge at you and when it hits you, you will go flying. Witch: Do not disturb these. You know when they’re around when you hear crying but when you get them mad they kiss your life goodbye because their claws hurt. Not going to survive this infection.