Animals Tier List


S-tier – Camels are the most important animals in the universe.

S-tier – Mice, I want an ant farm, but with mice.

S-tier – Giraffes, if you want to know why they’re my favorite, find a video of them fighting.

A-tier – Dolphin, these animals do some messed up stuff. But they’re goofy looking, and I like that.

A-tier – Elephants, you can’t be the largest animal and not be at the top of the tier list.

A-tier – Rhino, an elephant with a horn.

A-tier – Monkeys, these are just better humans.

A-tier – Aye-Aye, not a lemur. I thought it was a lemur.

A-tier – Seal, these are the elephants of the sea.

A-tier – Frog, shoutout to my frogs who climbed out of the tank and dried up.

B-tier – Armadillo, these are just shell possums. I love that.

B-tier – Dogs, you have to love dogs.

B-tier – Turtles, I especially like the Teenage Mutant kind.

B-tier – Lemur, I hardly know her.

B-tier – Horses, just a free trial of cars.

C-tier – Bats, what birds were supposed to be.

C-tier – Tigers, there are too many big cats. Leopards, jaguars, lynxes, tigers, lions. It’s unnecessary.

C-tier – Narwhal, just whales with horns taped on.

C-tier – Meerkat, I think these should be meerdogs, not meerkats.

C-tier – Sheep, don’t cover a donkey in fur and try to convince me it’s something else.

D-tier – Llama, shoutout to my llama phase.

D-tier – Axolotl, low-quality lizards.

D-tier – Snake, talk to me when it has limbs.

D-tier – Pandas, these things are evil and horrible.

D-tier – Lizards, talk to me when your limbs fall off.

D-tier – Owls, stop asking who. I know you know who.

F-tier – Fish, best cooked. That’s right, I said it. Cook all the fish in the ocean.