Truck Talk

I am always talking about my truck, but it shows I care about my truck. You should always take good care of your car/truck. It shows the person who cares for what they have worked for or driven. Don’t let people tell you your car/truck isn’t nice. If it’s not nice then work on it and make it nice. I have put a muffler on my truck and a stage 2 tuner and it makes it go quickly and fast, making it sound loud. It makes heads turn. It’s rare to find a 95 Chevy single cab that runs well. It’s my favorite color too, red maroon, which gives it school spirit. I like the lights I put on it and It’s the best truck I could ever get. I am going to build it up and make it look brand new. I will also get a new bed for it and then it will look so good. I love Chevy if you have a truck you would like me to write about with the modifications. Just ask me in the hallways.