Cancel Culture

Let’s start this by defining the term “cancel culture”, it’s the practice of publicly boycotting, rejecting, or ending support for something that is morally unacceptable, it’s kinda like ostracism (to exclude or banish someone from a group or society). Invented in ancient Greece and how it worked was 6,000 people cast a vote and if the majority of votes won to banish them, they would get banished for ten years, if they refuse then they will die. The thing is after ten years nothing changes, they still have citizenship and come back with open arms. It’s VERY different now and in modern days. At first, cancel culture was used on celebrities for their behavior and quickly became popular. Kanye West and Taylor Swift were canceled pretty badly and other celebrities got canceled badly in general. So, what’s so bad about it? Well, let’s talk about R. Kelly.

In 1994 he married the princess of R&B Aaliyah, the problem was she was 15 and R. Kelly was 27 but faked being 18 on the wedding certificate in 2002. He had two more cases involving illegal acts with minors and they were settled by R. Kelly paying them a lot of money to cover it up. In the same year he was charged with 13 counts of “illegal Child Videos,” but there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty. Now let’s look at another guy named Keven Hart. In 2009 Keven Hart tweeted a bunch of homophobic things. Fast forward 10 years in 2019 he was announced at the Oscars ironically. Within hours people were retweeting those same homophobic tweets saying “You never apologize for them.” Article upon article was posted about how he was gay bashing others so, he stepped down as the host and made a series of apologizing videos and things to make up about it.

My main problem with cancel culture is it’s not monitored by the criminal justice system. It’s used to judge a crime fairly while it’s not perfect, compared to canceling culture it’s like the 10 commandments. The point is clear: the crime doesn’t match the punishment and I’m not saying that Keven Hart has never been at fault, he said a mean tweet, and that he’s learned his lesson and vowed to never do it again. The thing about cancel culture is that your entire career of achievements and accomplishments are all hanging on by people behind a screen. All it takes is one mean thing you said or did and boom just like that your money is gone, your family hates you, you can’t leave the house without getting harassed, and you’re getting constant death threats on your phone.