Senior Fever

Man, for all The seniors it’s coming to an end. I can relate since I am graduating a whole year early. We have very few days left of school and we have to finish strong. If you’re like me then you need to keep up on your work so you don’t fail and/or fall behind. The senior fever and senioritis were hitting me, and I started to slack off and get bad grades. Senior fever is common for us so we need to help support each other so we can pass as a class.

My buddy Kaden Orloff said, “I’m going to miss goofing off with you and chatting and sitting next to you guys in class”. He said he was not going to miss the homework or the classwork but would love the free time without school. I can say I think all the seniors are going to miss seeing a lot of their friends and some of their staff and I know that none of my friends are going to hear me talk about my truck. I am going to miss my buddy Nate. He has helped me out with work I don’t understand and has helped me get caught up to pass. So, seniors remember to finish the last year of high school strong and stay on top of your work and stay focused to graduate high school.