Senior Spotlight: Claire Johansen

Senior Claire Johansen has been a part of Dimond High ever since she was a

freshman, and has been heavily invested in her involvement with Dimond’s clubs and other extracurriculars.

Johansen said, “I have really enjoyed it [Dimond], and I think that Dimond has some of the most incredible teachers students could ask for. The whole school is so involved and I am luck to have been a part of it.”

Like many students, Claire has taken part in many of Dimond’s multitude of extracurriculars, and has learned many important lessons from them.

Johansen said, “I love my [senior] class and the people in Key Club, National Honor Society and swimming, and in every one of those, it’s not about how good you are alone, it’s about how good you are at supporting your group.”

Claire had also been taught that she should never underestimate herself and to work towards her goals, because she knows that there are people who will support her in all she does.

Johansen said, “There are people all around me who support me and will help me to reach the goals I set for myself.”

As an avid scholar, Claire continues to achieve great feats, and has even been announced the Class of 2015’s Valedictorian.

Johansen said, “Honestly, I do love learning, as nerdy as that may sound, so I think that made it a lot less monotonous when I’d spend 12 hours doing homework on Sundays.”

Johansen continued, “You have to know what you’re getting into, and be ready to put in the time.”

Claire also mentioned the fact that maintaining physical and mental health goes a long way in helping her deal with her course load she has taken over the years.

“Without my health and stress management, I’d probably have burnt out a long time ago,” Johansen said.

On top of her impressive extracurriculars, Claire has been a part of the many more activities that Dimond has to offer its students.

Johansen said, “I have done softball for three years, swimming for three, orchestra for one, Key Club for four, and have been in NHS for two and a half years.”