Senior Spotlight: Jae Ham

Senior Jae Ham is described as an intelligent, hardworking person. He has a 3.9GPA and plans on attending University of Alaska Fairbanks for petroleum engineering. This year he is on prom court.

He attended Roger Park Elementary School, Campbell Elementary school along with a couple of others. He then attended Mears Middle school.

Ham played football his freshman year, but did cross country running as his fall sport for the last three years. He got a varsity letter in cross country running all three years. He also did track for all four years of high school.  Ham also played Tennis for the first time senior year.

Altogether, Ham has seven varsity letters.

This year he is playing soccer for the first time ever and made varsity. He is the backup goalkeeper. Ham has already played in games this season and scored his first goal.

His teammates said he’s a fast learner and said they are very impressed with his work.

Senior Ashlynn Sanchez said, “He walks around with a smile on his face all the time and is a super nice guy. He’s really gullible, but overall amazing.”

Senior Remington Morris said, “He’s a great teammate to have on my 4 x 800 team. He is in really good shape and always pushes me to better.”

Morris also said, ” Jae is always so happy and he’s hilarious.”

Ham said, “My favorite part of high school was all the sports I did and making new friends.”

He said he loves trying new things because he gets to meet so many new people.

The classes he is taking this year are AP Calculus, AP Physics,  Mythology, Western Movement and two gym classes. Both the gym classes he is taking are basketball classes.

Ham said, “I’m taking basketball because it’s my easy class and I really love and enjoy it. ”

He never played basketball for Dimond, but enjoys taking basketball as a class.

He speaks both Korean and Japanese.

Sophomore Allison Shafer said, “he’s really good at cross country running and one thing I noticed is he sleeps a lot.”

Ham plans on going to college in Fairbanks because it will help save money. It is also a great engineering school.

After he gets his career, Ham hopes to travel around the world.

Counselor Rob Hartley said, “He’s a really positive guy. He can focus on many parts of his life at high levels which is very impressive. He can also focus on school while doing multiple sports. These qualities are rare to find all in one person.”