Senior Spotlight: Jack Hoen


Jack  Hoen is a senior in his fourth year at A.J. Dimond High School while carrying a 4.1 GPA.

He loves Dimond, saying, “It’s a good community”, and calls it “fun.”

Although he is an amazing student, Hoen enjoys a variety of interests outside of the classroom.

A natural-born athlete, Hoen grew up playing basketball and Little League baseball.  As a teenager he narrowed down his focus to baseball, but beginning his freshman year as a Lynx he decided to try swimming.

Jack has excelled in it and by sophomore year making it to the state championships while he has remained in baseball, making it to the varsity team by the same year.

This year Jack is a Varsity swim team captain. Jack is president of the Rare-T club, where he and other club members make presentations to neighboring schools to talk to kids about various social issues, and help their understanding of them.

Hoen was recently voted 2015-16 Dimond High School Homecoming King, which was voted on by all the students attending Dvarsity lettering athletesimond.

When asked about what influences him outside of school, Jill Hoen ,Hoen’s mother, responded, “Church and family have always been a big influence in his life where he and his family attend church services every week.  He attends services every morning before school while still being an active in the church, helping out in the community in any way he can.”

His family are very supportive and proud of him, and he of them:  He acknowledges that he is nothing without his family and is quick to say that their support along the way has been essential to his ongoing motivation and success.

When asked of Hoen’s impacts, long time friend Kyle Bremont a senior said that “Above all else, Jack is a great person to be around and is known for having a great sense of humor,  being kind, caring, helpful, and a great friend.  Often, I’ll can see him after school, helping out a friend with homework; during breaks, carrying a project for someone or a special assignment a teacher has trusted him with.  Jack is known for being the kind of guy people like to hang around because he is a fun person for anyone to be around.”

After graduation this Spring of 2016 from Dimond, Jack is planning on continuing his education by going to a well known colleges. Such as Boulder, University of Washington and the University of Utah have piqued his interest, but he says he will most likely attend Brigham Young University ,lBYU, to study Pre-Med ,or something in the medical field.

Ultimately, he plans to get a medical degree in Ophthalmology.

Bremont told me that “Jack is the kind of person who sets his sights on something and will achieve whatever it is that he’s aiming for,  he is goal-driven.”

There is much to meet the eye about Jack Hoen, indeed.  But mainly he is seen as humble for his many achievements.

This may be because these are only the beginnings of many other, larger achievements yet to come.  The world has not yet heard the last of Mr. Jack Hoen.