Senior Spotlight: Casey Roehl

Casey Roehl, a sports fanatic, is living his dream.

Roehl, a senior at A.J. Dimond High School, is known most by his peers for knowing everything there is about sports.

You can ask him anything about any sport, and he can tell you what is happening in the sport and its upcoming and present events. He can also tell you about its history and rules.

Roehl said, “I just love sports, there is something about sports that is just amazing to me. I love that anything can happen on any given day. The underdog is what makes sports amazing. Everything in sports has an interesting story behind it. Sports to me is really my life.”

David Knightes, Dimond hockey senior, had nothing but nice things to say about Roehl.

“Casey has an extraordinary knowledge of literally every single sport. He knows just as much, if not more, than some of the ESPN news reporters,” Knightes said.

Junior starting quarterback, Kyle Henrickson, told reporters, “He lives and breathes sports. He knows every stat and date of any big sporting event in history. There is no better guy for the job.”

For Roehl, he is very humbled by the fact that he was chosen to be the first student announcer.

“I will be straight up with you, it is an honor to be given the chance to be this seasons announcer. The fact that it is my voice playing on the loud speakers telling the eager fans every single play is very surreal.”

Roehl said he would be honored with announcing any sport, anytime, anywhere.

“I love sports, sports are my life. I would be honored to announce any sport if given the opportunity to; football, flag football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, it doesn’t matter. It would be an honor.”

There is no doubt that Roehl has a future in the world of sports broadcasting and sports journalism.

Knightes said, “Casey has an extraordinary knowledge on sports and is very intelligent and has a very bright future in front of him. His passion for sports is unlike everybody I know and with his passion it is going to push him to become a very good broadcaster. I would not be surprised to see him on ESPN in the near future.”

Roehl plans on going to college after he finishes his senior year to study sports broadcasting and sports journalism.

Roehl said that Syracuse University is the number one school that he is looking at.

Roehl said, “The reputation that Syracuse University has precedes itself. If I’m going to go to school in broadcast journalism I am intrigued by the possibility to learn from the best there is.

“The opportunity to study sports and broadcast journalism in New York City is an advantage in itself by being one of, if not the largest market in the sports industry,” Roehl said.

When asked about the greatest sports moment that he had ever witnessed, Roehl gave a very passionate response.

“There are a plethora of examples in the history of sports, however the one example that separates itself from the rest is without a doubt the 2004 Boston Red Sox season, in particular the ALCS (American League Championship Series) and the World Series championship that reversed 86 years of misery and suffering in the entire New England region,” Roehl said.

Roehl explained in full detail the remarkable season of the 2004 Boston Red Sox had and their unlikely comeback against their rival, the New York Yankees.

He concluded by saying, “The magic of that series and the unlikeliness of a Red Sox victory is and most likely forever will be the greatest moment in sports that I have ever witnessed,”

Roehl’s passion for sports is one like no other. Roehl said he doesn’t have a limit and will go as far as his sports broadcasting career will take him.

Having him as a sports announcer has made Dimond sports more exciting for the fans and the players and many hope to see him go on to bigger things.